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Investment Areas

Machine Learning
Data & Analytics
Retail Tech
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  • We’ll make investments anywhere in the world but our primary area of focus is the US and Canada. We are located in Colorado with a branch office in New York.

  • We are heavily focused on the emerging legal cannabis industry but are open to other “frontier” industries like blockchain, cybersecurity, robotics, and machine learning.

  • We like to invest at the post-seed/Series A level. Generally our rule of thumb is $50-80k MRR for revenue-driven companies, or an operational proof of concept for a pure tech play. We expect you to have a fully flushed out core team, beta customers/partners, and a decent sense of your product market fit.

    As always, pure tech plays may vary from these guidelines but will still have an excellent team with robust feedback from beta users.

  • Every investment is different but we’ll rarely invest less than $250k or more than $2 million.

  • Plan on at least six to 12 weeks for the full process. Having your materials ready to go makes it faster, as does being very responsive to questions.

    If you don’t know your addressable market size, CACs, churn rate, top three competitors, likely exit paths, and other basic questions it’ll either be a lot longer or a lot shorter.

  • Get your info together and follow the link below to our online form. Fair warning, it’s going to take a bit to go through the application process so plan on at least 20-30 minutes and be prepared with all the necessary information. You can edit the application after you submit but note we’ll pull a copy for review shortly after you submit the first time so edits a week later probably won’t be reviewed.

    As always, if you know someone we know it’s best to touch base directly with a warm introduction.

    Also, please take the time to update your other online information. We absolutely will review your LinkedIn profile, website, and any other publicly available information about you, your co-founders, and company.

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